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Increase your ad revenue and reduce the headaches of running an ad-funded website by partnering with AdRegate for your website’s ad monetization. Our fully-managed service is a unique mix of smart technology, world-class expertise and premium ad demand that gives independent publishers advantages usually reserved for the world’s largest websites – without the need for an in house team of experts.


We give website publishers everything they need to take control of their ad monetization and earn the revenue they deserve. Working with AdRegate gives you a well-equipped and connected expert team dedicated to your long-term success.

Publisher Solutions

AdRegate are dedicated to helping web and app publishers run more profitable and sustainable businesses. We offer a range of monetization solutions that help publishers who want to achieve more from their ad set-up, but may not have the resources or opportunity to run their monetization at a larger scale like a top-tier publisher. Our passion is working with independent publishers outside of the internet’s ever-taller walled gardens; helping the independents earn more without taking their focus away from providing great content and engaging experiences.

AdRegate offer many solutions to suit varying publisher needs. Each solution combines robust technology with quality demand to help publishers at different stages of their monetization journey. Each solution comes with a host of optional benefits and every publisher that works with AdRegate is partnered with their own Google Certified expert who they can contact directly for support. Not sure which is right for you? Talk to one of our experts and we’ll happily help you find the perfect match.


Yield Optimization and Monetization

Earn more advertising revenue from your website and mobile site by tapping into large demand.

Managed Header Bidding

Header Bidding combined with Ad Exchange is a killer combination which enables publishers to capture more revenue per impression.  

Header Bidding Wrapper for AMP

Header Bidding Wrapper for AMP allows you to sell your AMP inventory at a higher price.

Google Ad Exchange

The optimal solution for publishers that want to supercharge their Header Bidding.

Adblock and Revenue Recovery

Adblock and revenue recovery tools maximize recovered revenue while keeping the end user experience acceptable.

Remnant Inventory Monetization

Earn revenue from your unsold ad inventory by tapping into large and different demand.


Instant Ad brings advertisers together with its customers in different creative models with its advertisement display technique, apart from the usual methodologies.